Studies of Open Science group

On the first Thursdays of every month (summer excluded), the SOS group garners the project team, advisory board and partners. We also welcome occasional guests: experts who kindly share their insights with us. On this page you find a schedule (in progress) and a pictorial summary of past meetings, courtesy of our illustrator Dasapta Erwin. It is intended to document the evolution of our discussions.

If you are interested in attending on a regular basis, please let us know something about your background and the reasons for your interest in PHIL_OS:

Upcoming meetings

  • 06.06.24 — Updates, and special guest: Simon Hodson, Executive director of CODATA.

Past meetings

  • 03.02.22 — introduction to project team and discussion of project infrastructure, focus and plans. Pictorial summary here.
  • 03.03.22 — Rose Trappes and Paola Castaño introduced their projects and future fieldwork.
    Special guest: Chris Kelty (UCLA). Pictorial summary here.
  • 07.04.22 — Special guests: Theresa Velden & Clemens Bluemel (DZHW).
  • 02.06.22 — Rose and Paola gave more background to their fieldwork.
    Special guest: Tony Ross-Hellauer (Graz, ON_MERRIT project). Pictorial summary here.
  • 01.09.22 — Special guests: Rachel Ankeny (Adelaide) and Hugh Williamson (Exeter). Pictorial summary here.
  • 06.10.22 — Special guest: Hugh Shanahan (Royal Holloway)and Louise Bezuidenhout (DANS). Pictorial summary here.
  • 03.11.22 — Special guests: Alexandre Hocquet and Frédéric Wieber (Université de Lorraine). Pictorial summary here.
  • 01.12.22 — Special guest: Jan Baedke (Ruhr University Bochum). Pictorial summary here.
  • 02.02.23 — Special guest: Benedikt Fecher (UdK Berlin) on OS platformisation.
  • 01.06.23 — Special guest: Jacob van Etten (Alliance Biodiversity & CIAT) on Epistemic justice and the case study. Pictorial summary here.
  • 02.11.23 — Post-summer updates, and Special guest: Marcel LaFlamme, Open Research manager at PLOS.
  • 07.12.23 — Updates and Special guest: Simon Hodson, executive director at Codata.
  • 01.02.24 — Updates, and Special guest: Bethania de Araujo Almeida (CIDACS), on citizen science and data governance in public health emergencies. Pictorial summary here.
  • 07.03.24 — Updates from the group members, and special guest Olavo Amaral, Professor of biochemistry (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) as well as a physician, writer, and activist on open science and reproducibility. Pictorial summary here.