Pictorial summaries of project activities

All images © Erwin Dasapta 2022 under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license

Sketch of first SOS meeting (3 Feb 2022)

Sketches of second SOS meeting (3 March 2022): Team updates…

… and special guest Christ Kelty

Sketch of fourth SOS meeting (9 June 2022): NASA GeneLab, animal movement tracking, and the contexts of open access

Sketch of fifth SOS meeting (1 Sept 2022): From field data to global indicators…

… and Pitfalls and practices when working with indigenous knowledge

Sketch of sixth SOS meeting (6 October 2022): Updates from Rose and Paola, plus Hugh Shanahan and Louise Bezuidenhout on rethinking the FAIR principles

Sketch of seventh SOS meeting (3 November 2022): Alexandre Hocquet and Frédéric Wieber on open software

Sketch of eighth SOS meeting (1 December 2022): Rose Trappes on citizen science projects and Jan Baedke on a philosophy of modelling and trade-offs