PHIL_OS includes empirical research on several research sites with a number of partners and collaborators, organised around eight sub-projects led by a team member with the support of the PI.

The focus is on biology and biomedicine, including plant science, animal behaviour and ecology, epidemiology and genomics:

  • Data-intensive ecology (Rose Trappes)
  • Plant space biology (Paola CastaƱo)
  • Global crop data linkage (Sabina Leonelli)
  • Using data to grow plant science (Emma Cavazzoni)
  • Tracking the SARS-Cov2 virus (Nathanael Sheehan)
  • Collaborative software in plant science (Fotis Tsiroukis)
  • From food crop research to policy (Joyce Koranteng-Acquah)
  • Data science for planetary health (Sabina Leonelli)