A Philosophy of Open Science for Diverse Research Environments

The PHIL_OS project (2021–2025) aims to develop an empirically grounded philosophy of Open Science [OS] that emphasises the diversity of research environments around the world and articulates the conditions under which OS can leverage such diversity to promote good research practice.

We are based at Egenis, the Exeter Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences of the University of Exeter (UK).



#. Sabina Leonelli will be working as a Lead Thinker in the Thinkers Programme 2022 “Reproducibility and Replicability in Science” of the Royal Flemish Academy of Science and the Arts (KVAB). This work, conducted with Professor Stephan Lewandowsky (University of Bristol), aims to map the concerns and needs of research stakeholders from universities to policy-makers and industry, and assemble recommendations for how debates and evaluations of reproducibility should move forward. Follow the link for more information.

#. Sabina Leonelli has been chosen as the Anchor Teacher at the 2022 WTMC Summer School “Opening Up Diversity” in Ravenstein, The Netherlands. WTMC Summer Schools are prominent training spaces for PhD students in Science & Technology Studies in the Netherlands and beyond, with this event focusing closely on PHIL_OS themes through several lectures and interactive sessions with students and external guests. Follow the link for more information.

#. We are looking for three PhD students to join our team! Follow here for description and application procedure, deadline 21 February 2022:

Upcoming events

Project meetings

Starting in January 2022, the project has monthly meetings open to collaborators around the world. The meetings will take place on Thursdays, on a rotating schedule to accommodate different time zones.

Visiting fellowships

We are happy to host researchers with an interest in collaborating with us and spending some time at the Egenis centre — whether PhD students, postdoctoral fellows or professional researchers.

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