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Journal articles

pdf Leonelli, S (forthcoming) Open Science and Epistemic Pluralism: Friends or Foes? Philosophy of Science. Preprint available on PhilSci Archive.

Leonelli, S. (forthcoming) Scaling Up: The Radical Challenge of Democratic Data Governance. Frontiers Policy Labs.

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Edited book section and special issues

Leonelli, S. and Teira, D. (2021) Biomedical knowledge in a time of crisis: Historical and philosophical perspectives on COVID-19. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences.

Kirk, R., Leonelli, S. and Myelnikov, D. (2021) Circulating Bodies: Human-Animal Movements in Science and Medicine. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences.

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Book chapters

Leonelli, S. (2022, in press) How Data Cross Borders: Globalising Plant Knowledge through Transnational Data Management and Its Epistemic Economy. In: Krige, J. (Ed) Writing the Transnational History of Knowledge Flows in a Global Age. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Castaño, P. (2020) “Incertidumbre e Investigacioìn Cientiìfica en la Estacioìn Espacial Internacional” [Uncertainty and Scientific Research on the International Space Station]. In: Ramos Torre, R. and Garcia Selgas, F. (Eds.) Incertidumbres en las sociedades contemporáneas. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.

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Leonelli, S. (2016) Epistemische Diversität im Zeitalter von Big Data: Wie Dateninfrastrukturen der biomedizinischen Forschung dienen [Epistemic Diversity in the Age of Big Data: How Data Infrastructures Serve Biomedical Research]. In: Blum, A., Zschocke, N., Rheinberger, H.J. and Barras, V. (Eds), Diversität: Geschichte und Aktualität eines Konzepts. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, pp. 85–106.

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Consultations and reports

Welch, E. Et al. (2021) Post COVID-19 Implications on Genetic Diversity and Genomics Research & Innovation: A Call for Governance and Research Capacity. UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), White Paper (released 6 July 2021).

Alan Turing Institute (2021) Data Science and AI in the Age of COVID-19 (Group lead of the “Data readiness, collection and monitoring” working group). Alan Turing Institute Report.

DATA TOGETHER (2020) Open Science for a Global Transformation. Data Together, response to UNESCO Consultation on Open Science. 29 pp.

Open Science Policy Platform (2020) Progress on Open Science: Towards a Shared Research Knowledge System. Final Report of the Open Science Policy Platform: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. DOI: 10.2777/00139.

Consulting role (July 2020) on the report The Future of Citizen Data Systems. UK Government Office for Science, September 2020.

Ankeny, R. and Leonelli, S. (2019) Response (presentation) to invitation to contribute to the Inquiry on the nature of collections in the life sciences by the US National Academies of Sciences, “A Philosophical Perspective on Biological Collections”.

pdf Vermeir, K., Riede, M. and Leonelli, S. (2018) Opportunities and Challenges for implementing Plan S. Position statement of the GYA.

pdf Lawrence, R., MacCallum, C.J., Leonelli, S. Et al. (2018) Integrated advice of the Open Science Policy Platform Recommendations (OSPP-REC). Accepted summary recommendations for Open Science in the EU.

pdf Miedema, F., Mayer, K., Holmberg, K. and Leonell, S.(2018) Open Science: Altmetrics and Rewards. Final report on the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Open Science of the European Commission.

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pdf Leonelli, S. (2018) Altmetrics and Rewards – Implementing Open Science: Strategies, Experiences and Models. Thematic Report No 4 for the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Open Science of the European Commission.

pdf Leonelli, S. (2017) Altmetrics and Rewards – Incentives and Rewards to engage in Open Science Activities. Thematic Report No 3 for the Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Open Science of the European Commission; its highlights are available as a slideshow on the Resources page.

pdf Leonelli, S., Lawrence R. and Edmond, J. (2017) Recommendations on Open Science Publishing, position statement by the Open Science Policy Platform of the European Commission. Published online 25 April 2017.

pdf British Academy and The Royal Society (2017) Data management and use: Governance in the 21st century. London: The Royal Society Newsletter (June 2017), Pp 1-99. Perspective 6, “Data use, equality and society” (pp 45-46) written by Sabina Leonelli.

pdf Leonelli, S. (2016) Why Open Data Now? Big Data, Knowledge Production and the Political Economy of Research. Chapter 2 (pp. 7–11) of the joint Digital Science/are State of Open Data report (October 2016; press release here).

pdf Leonelli, S., Martens, L. and Latre, S. (2016) Position statement on Open Data of the Young Academies of Europe and Global Young Academy (April 2016).

pdf DataScience group response to RCUK [now UKRI] draft Concordat on Open Data (September 2015).

Leonelli, S. (2016) Co-author of the Global Young Academy (GYA) Response to the Next-generation Altmetrics: Responsible Metrics and Evaluation for Open Science Call for Evidence by the Open Science Policy Platform of the EC.

pdf Leonelli, S. (2014) Global Young Academy Response to Science 2.0: Science in Transition consultation of The European Commission’s Directorates-General for Research and Innovation.

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pdf Leonelli, S. Et al. (2013) Global Young Academy (GYA) Position Statement on Global Research. November 2013.

pdf Leonelli, S. Et al. (2012) Global Young Academy (GYA) Position Statement on Open Science. November 2012.

pdf Leonelli, S. and Bastow, R. (2012) Making Data Accessible to All (Report for GARNet/BBSRC). Reported in EASST Reviews 31(3) by Bezuidenhout, L. and J. Donaghy.

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Encyclopaedia entries

Leonelli, S. (2020) Scientific Research and Big Data. In Edward N. Zalta (ed.) (Summer 2020 Edition) The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

pdf Fleming, L.E. Et al. (2017) Big Data in Environment and Human Health: Challenges and Opportunities. Oxford Encyclopaedia for Environment and Human Health. Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780199389414.013.541.

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Data resource

Plant Database Map [data visualisation tool tracking the history and current geography of plant data linkage initiatives globally] launched December 2019.

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